A support group designed for women in a relationship with a sexual addict


My name is Evelyn. I´m a mother, grandmother, psychiatric nurse, and artist. I am also married to a sex addict. 

I never conceived that this condition could escalate to this degree even though I work in this field; seldom have I seen this degree of involvement.  

I have quite a story to tell.  It is packed with information that I lived through.  My story is brutally honest, painful, insightful, and surprising.  I am writing a memoir, co-authoring this memoir is a well-recognized professional in this field.  

I am on a mission.  I promised myself that I would find something positive out of all this pain.  I want to educate other women about this quite complex and often misunderstood topic.  I think that support from those of  us in this same situation is the absolute first step in finding support, strength, learning, and hope from one another.  I am starting this platform for that reason.  I hope we can build a strong bond and all gain strength from one another.  There is strength is sharing!

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