The First Thing I Learned

The First Thing I Learned

As mentioned before; I am starting this blog for all women  suffering or have already endured living with a sex addict. All of us have been hurt and likely have resentment, mistrust, anger, doubt, and fear.  I have been through so much and like you, have learned a lot.  The first and most valuable lesson I can remember learning was “trust your instincts.”   I would appreciate your input…what was the first or most important thing you learned as a result of living with a sex addict?



One thought on “The First Thing I Learned

  1. I speak to a loooot of men about sex. but iv also had a long term partner cheat on me (pre my job) I knew straight away, he denied it for a while. But in the end I kicked him out, he now lives her. I knew I was right. shame I was 6 mths preg at the time grrrrrr…….I couldn’t stay or put up with the stress of thinking about it

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