Who Recognizes This? …”but you should trust me”!

Who Recognizes This? …”but you should trust me”!

One of the many flat, unfeeling, rehearsed egotistical  sayings my husband used to abuse so regularly was “you should trust me, I AM in recovery”! What made this extra frustrating was the fact that it was not said to me…it was YELLED at me. Not just yelled but SCREAMED at the top of his lungs as loud as his deep booming voice was capable of.. Not only that, he did this while so close to my face that I could feel the fine mist of his spit landing disgustingly on my face. Also, this was his response to a simple question asked in a quiet, non confrontational voice and questions like this were seldom and not at all inappropriate. I would try to fleetingly tell myself that the only reason I could ever imagine someone becoming THAT angry would have to be if the were innocent and wrongfully accused of something.  I learned later that he would put on these childish displays of theatrics even when guilty as hell.

  • Projection
  • Blame
  • Victim

One thought on “Who Recognizes This? …”but you should trust me”!

  1. We will know if our husband/partner is in recovery by his actions, not his words. Words are just words. Trust has to be earned again. I was taught to watch for believable behaviours. Yelling and demanding trust in response to a question is not a believable behaviour of recovery and growth. But you know that already. ☺️


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